Our St Bernards



Molly is our beautiful St Bernard.molly2

She is a short haired female who loves her cuddles and belly scratches. She can be found at the hotel most days sleeping at the front door.

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She loves the affection of visitors! Ask our friendly staff where she is if she is not waiting for you in the door way.

Molly has been with St Bernards Hotel for four years now and is much loved by all that come to visit be it families, local patrons and other visitors alike to the Hotel. She is an attraction in her own right!

While spending her days lazing around the Hotel, making friends with all the guests, Molly would also like you to know a bit about her background so please read on…

The St. Bernard dog is legendary for its mountain rescues and is a popular dog as a pet. It was first bred by the monks of the St. Bernard Monastery in Switzerland, from whom the dog borrowed it’s name.

Saint Bernards are divided into two categories, both of notable size.The short hair variety has a thinner smooth coat and is also known by the name of Stockhaar. The other variety is the long hair, the most common of the two. Both divisions of Saint Bernards have thick muscular bodies and are generally sturdy hardy animals.

Saint Bernards have very large heads and are prone to drooling due to their large saggy lips. Saint Bernards are gentle and calm dogs though require plenty of exercise. Molly is on a strict diet, so please do not feed her.




Leo the much loved St Bernard passed away late 2015. He is remembered by a memorial Norfolk Pine Tree planted on the right side of the driveway to the hotel.

Leo has provided much enjoyment to tens of thousands of visitors to the hotel since 2006 when he was just a puppy. His place in winter, in front of the fireplace, will now be taken over by Molly.